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Vehicle Accident Repair


Intermediate and Advanced

As an auto apprentice you’ll get to work for a dealership, manufacturer or independent garage to really put your new found skills to the test. You can choose to specialise in motorcycles, cars, heavy vehicles or vehicle electrical systems.

Depending on the pathway taken, key units include:

  • Inspection of Vehicles
  • Engine Units and Components
  • Auxiliary Electrical Units and Components
  • Chassis Units and Components
  • Body and Paint Operations

Who is this course for?

This Apprenticeship is available at both Intermediate and Advanced level, a member of our Recruitment Team will be able to advise which level is most suitable for you based on your current grades and experience. Applicants to this Apprenticeship could be a mix of age and experience. As a guide, applicants may come from a range of routes including: work or work experience training and/or experience which could include a portfolio showing what you have done, foundation learning at level 1, any of the Key Skills or Functional Skills, Young Apprenticeship, vocational or academic qualification(s).

What other experience will I gain?

As an Intermediate apprentice, you could work for a dealership and focus on a particular manufacturer, or work for an independent garage that deals with many different makes of vehicles. You’ll choose your area of specialisation, whether that’s motorcycles, cars, heavy vehicles or vehicle electrical systems. You’ll be working in a service technician type role, carrying out routine maintenance and basic repairs, as well as identifying and reporting faults. On the Advanced Apprenticeship, you’ll learn about more complex faults and how to identify and repair them using sophisticated diagnostic equipment.

Where will this lead?

Upon completing the Intermediate level Apprenticeship you can progress to the Advanced level. Upon successful completion of the Advanced level, you will be a fully qualified automotive technician and can progress your career in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair or Large (Heavy) Vehicle Maintenance and Repair.

Course details


Vehicle Accident Repair

Financial Support Available?



Duration: 12-18 Months


Interview Required: Yes