Customer Service


Business and IT





A Customer Service Apprenticeship will give you the skills employers are looking for, such as communication and team work, and can be applied to hundreds of job roles across many different sectors.

You will study a number of units including:

  • Effective Customer Service
  • Support the Customer Service Environment
  • Providing Customer Service within the Rules
  • Impression and Image
  • Handling Problems

Who is this course for?

We offer this Apprenticeship at Intermediate Level. A member of our Recruitment Team will be able to advise you if you are suitable for this level based on your current grades and experience.

What other experience will I gain?

During your Apprenticeship you will also gain skills that all employers value to complement your Customer Service knowledge. This includes improving your communication, timekeeping, time management and team work skills.

Where will this lead?

Many of our Apprentices go on to gain employment with the company they are placed with. You could also go on to full-time employment for another company in a Customer Service based role, do the next level of your Apprenticeship or, depending on which level apprenticeship you take, go on to higher level study (at university for example).