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Social Media and Digital Marketing


Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship

Digital marketing and the use of social and digital media is a key part of modern business marketing strategies and practice.

The growth of this industry sector has seen a number of jobs advertised for social media experts. Many employers would like to expand their digital marketing presence and subsequent departments but feel the shortage of skilled workers in this area is preventing them from fully harnessing the benefits that digital media can bring.

Businesses are looking for more digital marketing capability and capacity, which is increasing the demand for skilled people in this sector. This framework is created to equip apprentices with the ability to understand, utilise and develop the skills needed to work in social media and digital marketing roles.

Entry requirements

Applicants must be in a suitable job role, have basic maths, ICT and English skills, demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude in a work environment and have a keen interest in social media and digital marketing.

Suitable job roles (Social Media Pathway)

  • Social Media Assistant
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Digital Communications Officer
  • Digital Marketing Assistant

Suitable job roles (Digital Marketing Pathway)

  • SEO Assistant
  • Display Marketing Assistant
  • Website Content Manager
  • Web Design Assistant
  • eCommerce Assistant
  • Online Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Email Campaign Assistant

Typical duties (Social Media Pathway)

  • Manage and monitor online communities
  • Create social media strategies for business
  • Conduct social media research
  • Copywriting and maintaining blogs
  • Seek out new and relevant content

Typical duties (Digital Marketing Pathway)

  • Planning and implementing keywords
  • Acquiring subscribers and generating leads
  • Developing email and PPC campaigns
  • Content creation and managing CMS

Units (Social Media Pathway)

  • Principles of Social Media Within a Business
  • Principles of Keywords and Optimisation
  • Social Networking Management for a Business
  • Using Collaborative Technologies
  • Additional optional units can be chosen to suit the needs of the apprentice and the employer

Units (Digital Marketing Pathway)

  • Principles of Marketing and Evaluation
  • Understanding the Business Environment
  • Understand Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Requirements in Sales and Marketing
  • Using Collaborative Technology
  • Digital Marketing Metrics and Analytics
  • Additional optional units can be chosen to suit the needs of the apprentice and the employer

Qualifications achieved

Apprenticeships consist of different qualifications, each of which recognises the achievement of a specific set of skills, enhanced knowledge or level of attainment in a particular subject area.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Social Media or Digital Marketing
  • English Level 2
  • Maths Level 2
  • ICT Level 2

Apprentices also develop qualities and skills needed for success in learning and life in the following areas:

  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills


Employment or further study on a Higher Apprenticeship in Business and Professional Administration or IT, Web and Telecoms Professionals, or degrees in Marketing or Management.