Front of House Apprenticeship

Stephensons Coffee house

Mother and son team, Claire and Sam, run award-winning coffee shop, Stephensons in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. After starting there as a Level 2 Front of House Apprentice, Sam’s mum decided to have a change of career and swapped teaching for Coffee House owner. Having worked together for over 3 years now the business has gone from strength to strength and Sam manages apprentices of his own as they continue to value what they contribute to their success.

Claire explains that she feels apprenticeships are a two-way street in her opinion, “As much as it’s a huge opportunity for an apprentice it’s also a huge opportunity for us. Every apprentice brings something different to the table and they all help to grow our business. All of the apprentices who have joined us have progressed positively by either gaining a job here full time or going on to university in one case. As an expanding business we find ourselves in the position of needing more middle managers so apprenticeships are the perfect way to mould someone into those roles.”

Having gone through his apprenticeship, Sam is a big advocate for what they offer, “A lot of university graduates finish there studies and aren’t sure what they want to do in life. I’m younger than most graduates and I think myself fortunate to be in the position that I know exactly what i want to do and have gained the essential skills needed to be a success in this industry already. I love working in this industry, i get to work with colleagues who I class as my friends and I meet new people everyday so for a people person like me it’s perfect, there’s nothing better than putting a smile on a customer’s face.”

“I feel lucky to have worked with The Chesterfield College Group as whenever we have recruited an apprentice there’s an awful lot of filtering done behind the scenes before we interview candidates, all i have to do is provide a detailed person spec. It means I don’t have to interview 20+ people I might only have to interview 4 or 5.”
Claire, Owner at Stephensons Coffee and Tea House