Abbie and Callum

Creative Apprentices


Aspiring film maker, Callum Crimes and creative media whizz, Abbie Davies are carving a career in media and say that their apprenticeships are the best way to get the skills they need to get ahead.

The apprentices are making a big impact at Cotyso, a Manchester based studio offering photography, film and audio recording. They are learning while they earn and getting experience of a huge range of media production techniques from working in the studios and out on location.

They recently worked on a project with Anna Ivanovic, the famous tennis star and despite being a bit star struck they delivered amazing coverage to satisfy 400,000 people at an event.


Callum chose to do an apprenticeship after finishing his Alevels as a way into a career he wanted.

“Doing this apprenticeship has helped me to improve practical industry skills like editing and filming techniques as well as becoming more confident. Working with clients gives you the chance to develop lots of different skills that I know will benefit me in the future.”

Abbie told us how she is benefitting from her apprenticeship:

“I didn’t want to go to university because I felt that getting experience in the industry would give me the edge for working in the media. Working at Cotyso and doing my apprenticeship with Learning Unlimited gives me the opportunity to learn and earn. The variety of projects I work on here is huge and I am doing things that I would never get experience of in a classroom. It is an exciting place to learn and test your skills.”


Getting the right apprentices in your business gives you the perfect combination. I have 5 working in my business at the moment and in every area they work in from business admin to creative and digital media, they bring fresh ideas and new skills that I just don’t have.

When it comes to social media it’s almost like it is a skill that is in their DNA. They bring that to the workplace and it gives me an added extra that pays dividends.

Stuart Leadbetter, Owner, Cotyso