Catering Apprentice

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Catering Apprentice Jordan has been cooking up a storm in the Chesterfield College kitchens recently thanks to the skills he developed through a Traineeship.

After completing his Level 1 Jordan took the advice of one of his tutors and entered onto a 12 week Traineeship which took place in College. During the course he learnt many valuable skills including teamwork, communication techniques and customer service, all of which will definitely come in handy for a future career in catering. He also achieved his Level 1 English through the Traineeship, something that will now allow Jordan to move on to his Level 2 Apprenticeship in Catering.

‘The course was hard work but enjoyable at the same time’, said Jordan, ‘you learn so much more because you’re doing more all the time’. Jordan’s Traineeship was flexible enough to allow him to continue his practical work in the kitchens at the same time as studying his English, giving him a taste of what his future Apprenticeship may entail. It also gave him the opportunity to be a key member of the catering team for the Chesterfield Food and Drink Awards where he got to cater for 280 attendees and meet celebrity chef Theo Randall.

Now flying through his Level 2 Apprenticeship Jordan hopes to continue his journey all the way through to Level 3, eventually going on to work in a professional kitchen or maybe even open his own restaurant!

The people here are great, you’re always learning and it’s very hands-on.
Jordan, Chesterfield College Catering Apprentice