Cylindrical Grinding Engineer Apprentice


Kelly-Anne comes from a long line of engineers and always dreamt of following in her family’s footsteps.


When she was thinking about the next steps after leaving school, an apprenticeship seemed to tick all the boxes for her. She loved the practical side of the engineering related subjects she did at school but wasn’t so keen on the theory. Kelly-Anne knew that an apprenticeship would give her the chance to learn new skills in a practical way with hands on experience that would make the theory easier.

Kelly-Anne sees a bright future for herself in engineering. She wants to work towards a supervisory position and hopes her skills and qualifications will help her land her dream job here in the UK or even further afield.

She told us:

“Choosing an apprenticeship was the best thing I have done. It feels great to be learning in an organisation like Slack & Parr who want you to do so well. I’m learning from people with lots of years of experience and that makes a big difference. A couple of years down the line of my apprenticeship and I know my ability and my confidence has grown.”

“I always get asked what it is like working in a male-dominated world. When I first started here at 16 I got lots of attention from the other apprentices who started with me because I was in the minority but it didn’t take long for everyone to just accept me and even see me as one of the lads! ”

If there are other girls out there who are interested in a career in engineering I would say go for it. An apprenticeship is a fantastic way to get the experience and qualifications you need. Be confident and don’t be put off. You could make a great engineer
Kelly, Apprentice Cylindrical Grinding Engineer at Slack & Parr