Forensics Apprentice


After completing his apprenticeship with the forensics team at Derbyshire Constabulary last year Ryan Bond, aged 20 from Derby applied for a job with the team and has spent the last year working as an Exhibit Handling Officer in the East Midlands Special Operations Unit. We went to talk to him about life after his apprenticeship.

On a day to day basis Ryan processes exhibits that come in from a variety of crimes across the East Midlands region. It is his job to record the exhibits and send them on for analysis in the various laboratories testing for DNA, fingerprints, drugs analysis and other clues that can help to solve some of the region’s most serious crimes. He also has to report back to officers investigating the crimes once the results from the tests come in.

Ryan started to explore apprenticeships as the next step after 6th Form. He knew that they were a good way to earn and learn. When he saw that apprenticeships were available with Derbyshire Constabulary he jumped at the chance to apply.  He was part of a group of 11 apprentices recruited to work in many areas of the force. He was placed in the forensics team when they saw the subjects he studied and grades he had achieved at A level.

He told us: “I had all sorts of ideas about what I would actually be allowed to do before I started and imagined it might involve making more than my fair share of cups of tea for the team but I couldn’t have been more wrong! From the very first day I have felt like a valued member of the team and I have been given lots of responsibility which really helped me to learn quickly. I feel really proud that the team felt I was capable of playing a part in this really important part of policing.”

“Studying and working went hand in hand. My tutor would visit and guide me through the theory at the same time as looking at the work I had been doing to show that I was capable of completing a task required for the qualification I was studying for. “

“It has definitely inspired me to continue studying in this area at the same time as working. I think apprenticeships have given me a bright future and I would recommend them to anyone.”

I wouldn’t have got this job without my apprenticeship either. The experience I had gained gave me the edge when it came to the interview. I had real life experience and a qualification and that was valued. I proved I could do the technical side of the job and work as part of a team. Friends who have gone to university won’t have that experience yet.
Ryan Bond, Derby Constabulary Forensic Apprentice