What do Barclays, Halfords, Jaguar Land Rover, Boots and the BBC have in common? They all use traineeships to create a pipeline of new talent into their workforce.

The Learning Unlimited traineeship programme provides unemployed 16-24 year olds with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience with employers, preparing them for work, an apprenticeship or other further study. As an employer, you will have access to ambitious young people who want to work in your industry without any recruitment costs.

What is a traineeship?

A traineeship is a flexible programme of study combined with a work placement. As an employer, you offer a work placement or placements to eligible candidates who will spend up to four days with you, learning the skills they need to become an effective employee, and spend a day or more with Learning Unlimited developing their confidence, interview skills and improving their CV.

A work placement will usually last between 8-12 weeks, although they can be up to six months – it depends on you and how quickly the trainee progresses. The purpose of the traineeship scheme is to prepare young people for the world of work, so their role with your company should reflect a real job, enabling them to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours to succeed in a work environment.

How will you support me?

Learning Unlimited provides the same level of support for traineeships as we do for apprenticeships. This means regular visits to the workplace, progress monitoring and reviews and support with exit interviews.

Why should I take on a trainee?

Traineeships are quickly becoming a popular way for employers to create a valuable ‘pipeline’ for recruiting new members of staff into their business. The likes of the BBC, Halfords and Boots have already set up in-house traineeship schemes, and in 2016 Learning Unlimited started working with the Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust to embed traineeships into their workforce succession plans.

The benefits to you, the employer, are many and varied:

  • Assess new talent and mould them in line with your company ethos
  • Develop a pipeline of ambitious young people into your apprenticeship programme
  • Provide valuable mentoring and coaching opportunities for existing staff
  • Contribute to the social and economic development of your local community
  • Find a new, motivated member of staff without the expense of advertising and recruitment costs

The traineeship scheme is completely free to employers, all we ask for is a modest voluntary contribution to help pay for the travel costs of the trainee.

What happens at the end of the traineeship?

At the end of the traineeship you can choose to offer a job or apprenticeship place to the trainee or, if a suitable position isn’t available, we ask that you interview the trainee, provide constructive feedback and a reference to help them gain employment. The trainee then leaves with valuable work experience, improved confidence and the skills to apply for jobs and undertake interviews.

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Traineeships are a great way to equip young people with the skills they need to move on to an apprenticeship and to make sure we are recruiting people with the right qualities. With the traineeship programme we wouldn’t have found our latest engineering apprentice, who is proving to be a real star.
Linda Brailsford, Business Administration and HR Manager, Aerodyn Engineering in Derby