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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

It’s National Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May) and Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA) is this week highlighting how simple actions can make a difference to help to alleviate stress and anxiety in the workplace.

As part of the national campaign that is raising awareness of mental health conditions, MHFA are urging companies to get involved by making small changes at work to address mental wellbeing and help raise awareness of how to deal with stress and anxiety at work.

With one in four people suffering with a mental health condition every year, their #EmpowerHalfHour campaign hopes to encourage people take 30 minutes out of their day and take a break from the routine, have a change of scenery or take part in an activity that can boost energy levels and help to focus the mind. There are a range of suggestions, tips and advice on the MHFA website. The activities are flexible from going for a coffee and chat to getting involved in beginners’ meditation. Activities can be supervised or individuals can be encouraged to take them up themselves.

MHFA England say that there is value in encouraging employees to bond as a team as it creates a good work environment, boosts job satisfaction and can even help people to produce better work.

With stress, anxiety and depression being the biggest cause of sickness absence, practical mental health skills and awareness is a key component in creating a safe, healthy workplace. For organisations wanting to raise mental health awareness further, there’s also the option to introduce mental health first aid training. It provides people with the tools to support their own mental health and that of their colleagues and encourages them to get support when needed. Courses can help raise awareness, remove some of the stigma people associate with mental ill health and train nominated first aiders, who can be the designated first port of call for employees who need support.

To find out how to become more involved by becoming a Mental Health First Aid Champion check out the Learning Unlimited training course web page.

Companies wishing to organise a Mental Health First Aid course can find further details on the Learning Unlimited training course web page.