job opportunities

Premier work academy offers training and jobs

Premier Inn joined together with the Workskills team at the Chesterfield College group to offer training and work opportunities for people living in the Chesterfield area. A sector based... Read More

From social media guru to clock restorer, the options a...

Fancy being a social media guru, IT expert, or clock maker? Did you know you can get into any of these careers through an apprenticeship? It's no secret that apprenticeships offer learners a first step onto the career ladder, but it's not so well known that it now covers a... Read More

Brand new Apprenticeship Hub opens

Learning Unlimited's brand new Apprenticeship Hub in the heart of Chesterfield College is now open. Learning Unlimited's brand new Apprenticeship Hub is now open. The information hub - in the... Read More

Event to offer advice for apprentices

Ever wondered what an apprenticeship... Read More