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B-Braun: Lucy Clarkson

“Everything we did was work towards our future careers and gaining experience. They didn’t have to take us along to exhibitions, events, and visits but we were always included and encouraged to get the experiences. We have done loads of training sessions internal and external on top of our apprenticeships.” 

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Chesterfield College: Georgie McGregor

“The main thing I like about working in college is the support you can get because you are here. You have support from everyone whether that be your manager or just your colleagues. To be quite honest it doesn’t just have to be your colleagues, there have been many times where I’ll just run down to reception and ask for help.” 

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City Couriers Chesterfield: Kacie

“I didn’t realise the benefits of apprenticeships until I was here. I think people think you get the jobs nobody else wants to do but it is different here; you get so much experience as part of the team. You are engaged with what is going on and you are an important part of the business.” 

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CBE+: Morgan Rodgers

“Business administration in a company like this isn’t just about figures and data. It is really important for me to get a good understanding of the product and the engineering processes. I have enjoyed spending time with the precision engineering and specialist electroless nickel plating teams. It allows me to see what is going on, where my role fits and understand how everything works together. This knowledge helps me to process orders properly and provide a good service for customers.” 

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Chesterfield Borough Council: Martin Hughes

“The last couple of years have shown me that with determination and support, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. I have learnt so many things that I didn’t think I would ever have to do. It was good to prove to others who doubted me too. Every day is different to what I imagined, and I have adapted well to the change in my career. Doing the apprenticeship has kept me in employment and given me a new focus.” 

“I hope my experience proves to others that they should have confidence in themselves and keep going because it is possible to achieve things you don’t imagine you can do.” 

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Robert Woodhead Limited: James Bracegirdle  

“When I dropped out of sixth form I was worried that I would be behind but actually I feel like my apprenticeship has got me further ahead in my career now. It really gave me the best of both worlds I was in a working environment learning on the job but one day a week I was back at college with a bunch of friends, and I had money in my back pocket too. 

A good apprenticeship with a good company can transform your idea of a career. I’d recommend anyone who doesn’t want to spend 5 days a week in a classroom to explore what is out there for them.” 

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