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Automotive apprentices ready to compete at WorldSkills UK

Later this week three talented automotive apprentices from Chesterfield College will be heading to Birmingham to compete in the auto-refinishing and repair categories of Worldskills UK at the NEC.

Automotive Body Repair apprentices Harry Devine and Shawn Dyson and Automotive Refinishing apprentice Mike Massey will take part in the annual competition, which has been described as the ‘Olympic games of skills’.

They have already been named as the best in their region after winning gruelling local qualifying heats where their technical skills and abilities were put to the test. There are 6 apprentices from across the UK competing in each automotive category of the competition. Harry, Shawn and Mike will be striving to win a gold medal which will give them a chance to be part of the UK team that will travel to Russia for WorldSkills 2019.


Harry Devine learnt his skills restoring and repairing classic cars at Body Motorworks in Clay Cross. He told us:

“If it wasn’t for my tutor at college and my boss I wouldn’t have entered the competition but now I have I realised what I can do with the skills I have developed. To be picked for the competition from hundreds who entered the first qualifier feels amazing.  Working on the huge variety of cars that I do is definitely been an advantage for me because you get used to problem solving and finding alternative ways of doing things.”

“I am nervous about the competition and it feels strange to be competing against my friend Shawn as we’ve always worked together at college, but in another way it will be good to have a familiar face to share the experience of the competition with.”

Mike Massey, an Autorefinishing apprentice at Alton Cars in Ashbourne, is looking forward to competing and using specialist products and techniques to demonstrate his skills to the judges. He says:

“I know it is going to be tough because we are trying to show that we are the UK’s top painters so they are going to push us to prove what we can do but I am looking forward to the challenge. It is great opportunity to show my family and girlfriend what I am capable of too!”