Higher Apprenticeships

What is a higher apprenticeship?

A higher apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with university-level study to provide you with the skills, knowledge and experience you’ll need for your future career. As a higher apprentice you’ll learn in the workplace, while studying towards a university-level qualification.

Higher apprenticeships are fast becoming a valued alternative to university. They are a great way of gaining vital experience in your desired industry whilst working towards the qualification you’ll need to progress in your career.

Who are higher apprenticeships for?

Anyone over the age of 18 with at least five GCSEs (at grade C or above) and a relevant Level 3 qualification (A Levels, BTECs, NVQs and advanced apprenticeships) are suited for a higher apprenticeship. However, those in employment without these qualifications are also encouraged to apply.

What are the benefits?

If you know which type of role or industry you would like to work in, then a higher apprenticeship can be very beneficial for your future career development. Here are just a few of the reasons why higher apprenticeships can help you achieve your goals:

As an apprentice you’ll study towards the same level qualification as those at university, but you’ll also have the added benefit of working in the corresponding industry. Gaining this vital work experience is what will set you apart from graduates. Employers themselves think that higher apprentices are 25% more employable than those who took an alternative route to work (findings from ICM research).

Moving away to university can be very expensive. With the rise of course fees to over £9,000 a year, plus additional expenses such as accommodation and living costs, most students can expect to graduate with around £40,000 worth of debt. As an apprentice, the government and your employer will fund your training, meaning you’ll have no student debts. You’ll even earn a weekly wage while working towards your university-level qualification.

As a higher apprentice you can study qualifications at Level 4 to Level 7 – meaning there are plenty of progression opportunities available. Most of our apprentices stay in employment upon completion of their qualification. In fact, according to government figures, 90% of apprentices in England stay in employment, with 71% staying with the same employer.


What Higher Apprenticeships are available?

At Learning Unlimited we have recently extended our offer to include higher apprenticeships and are currently able to offer the following qualifications:


Higher apprenticeship levels explained:

Level 4 Equivalent to a HNC or foundation degree (first year of university)
Level 5 Equivalent to a HND or foundation degree (second year of university)
Level 6 Equivalent to a full honours degree (third year of university)
Level 7 Equivalent to a master’s degree (additional, postgraduate study after university)