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How a trainer initiative could beat the engineering skills crunch

It’s no big secret that there’s been an ever growing skills gap in the engineering sector for some years. Today employers are finding it even more difficult to recruit and an ageing workforce is beginning to create an extra challenge for them.

But the introduction of a new training package may well be the solution that will help address a growing shortage of skills and set in place a plan for the future.

Learning Unlimited is introducing a scheme that sets out to train the trainers. The initiative is designed to equip skilled engineers, who have been in the industry for some time, with the ability to teach the next generation of engineers.

The package sets out to develop the skills of those workers and managers at the later stages of their working careers. They are able to learn how to teach, share their knowledge and experience and enthusiasm for the industry and pass on their expert skills to those starting out in their career.

The initiative also has a corporate social responsibility element for businesses as they deliver benefits to the wider community, whilst also creating a positive business reputation. By participating in such initiatives it also provides a greater ability to attract talent and retain staff.

“If nothing changes then we will only see that skills gap increase even further,” said David Higham, Commercial Director at Learning Unlimited. “The steady recruitment of apprentices into the workplace can fill that need for skills to a certain extent but we also need to be looking and planning beyond that.

Engineering Apprenticeship
Training programme set to help boost skills across the workforce.

“There’s an ageing workforce who have vital skills, experience and knowledge that need to be shared. We don’t want to lose those skills. For that reason, we’ve introduced a training package to our wide variety of training and recruitment services to help businesses grow.”

Meanwhile, apprenticeships continue to plug the immediate skills gaps by providing a structured training and work programme, which includes practical on-the-job training and study. Apprentices gain valuable experience and industry recognised qualifications.

Added David: “This programme provides the opportunity to develop and motivate current employees and sets in place a succession plan to inspire the next generation of engineers.”

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