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So this is what happens when apprentice turns master…

When Learning Unlimited’s very own business admin apprentice, Josh Bown, was given the opportunity to take part in a job swap with his manager during National Apprenticeship Week, he jumped at the chance. Here he tells us just what happened and what he learned…

Josh joined Commercial Director, David Higham, for a joint business presentation.
During the job swap, Josh joined Commercial Director, David Higham, and together they carried out a joint business presentation.

National Apprenticeship Week (4-8 March) was a unique experience for me as it provided the opportunity to be my boss – a challenge I was willing to accept.

Primarily, the thought of making the Operations Manager of Learning Unlimited, Leah Shortt, shred paper for the week was a satisfying feeling. However, it turned out to be far more enlightening. I think it provided Leah with the chance to see first-hand the tasks I undertake on a day to day basis and how diverse and challenging my role is. As for me? The week provided me with a fresh perspective on what it’s like to work in a senior management role within the business.

Throughout the week I got the chance to do lots of things I wouldn’t normally do. I participated in management meetings, attended external events at schools and business centres, as well as taking the reins to make sure the office ran efficiently and smoothly. This entailed handling complaints, dealing with HR issues, organising meetings and creating reports for the Commercial Director of Learning Unlimited, most of which left me scratching my head but with a resolute attitude to solving any issues I came across.

My favourite part of the job swap was organising meetings for the  team and being able to actively take a lead in them. One of which was the weekly vacancy review meeting which we do to talk statistics and figures about the employers we are recruiting for and discuss any issues or problems as well as suitable outcomes. I was responsible for arranging a suitable date and time for the meeting as well as ensuring all the appropriate people were invited and a room booked. I chaired the meeting and noted the feedback of many of my colleagues discussing suitable and viable ways forward in terms of recruitment.

Overall I really enjoyed the week and it introduced me to a set of challenges and difficulties I would have otherwise not known and now have a more refined level of appreciation of the Operation Manager’s duties and responsibilities.