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Tick, tock…time is running out for the Level 4 Business Administration apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Frameworks are due to be phased out completely at the end of July, replaced by an exciting new range of Apprenticeship Standards designed for, and by, employers.

The Standards have gradually been phased in over the past two years, with many of our employer partners now utilising them within their businesses and as part of their workforce development plans. There are a few gaps though.

Under the Framework system, the Business Administration apprenticeships are designed to take someone from an inexperienced/beginner level (Level 2 Intermediate), through to Level 3 (Advanced), and finally to Level 4 (Higher). The Level 4 option is designed for those who will become your future team leaders and managers, and has been used by many employers as a way to identify, mould and prepare talent for the next ‘step up’ in their career.

The Business Administration Frameworks have been replaced by one Level 3 Business Administration Standard. While this apprenticeship offers an effective method to train competent administration staff into advanced administration staff, the lack of a Level 4 option means that those who are ready for progression and more responsibility have limited options.

Nurturing your talent for leadership

The most successful businesses identify, nurture and retain their talent, developing them into team leaders, managers and future leaders.

The Level 4 Business Administration apprenticeship provides the ideal stepping stone for staff who have expressed an interest in, or demonstrated the potential, to move into line management, in senior administrator, office manager, PA or team leader roles.

They will develop key skills and knowledge in evaluating and solving business problems, managing budgets, chairing meetings, and communicating with different stakeholders. Successful completion of the apprenticeship provides a stepping stone to a degree or management course.

This apprenticeship suits individuals who are already employed within your business.

Don’t miss your last chance!

The Business Administration Frameworks are ‘turned off’ at the end of July. If you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to develop your experienced administrators even further, please contact us now so we can arrange for them to sign up to their apprenticeship before the deadline.

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