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Traineeships help local engineering firm to find local talent

Finding a talented workforce is always a challenge for companies with specialist skill requirements but one local engineering firm from Derby thinks it has found the right formula to help maintain their worldwide reputation. Working with Learning Unlimited, Aerodyn used the traineeship programme to find local talent to become their next apprentice.

Linda Brailsford, Business Administration and HR Manager from Aerodyn told us: “Apprenticeships give us the chance to build people’s skills to suit our business. We see them as a great way to plan for the future. We want to nurture young talent but often young people who have the potential to work with us might be missing a few skills. Traineeships are a great way to equip young people with the skills they need to move on to an apprenticeship and to make sure we are recruiting people with the right qualities. Without the traineeship programme we wouldn’t have found Tom Russell, our latest Engineering Apprentice who is proving to be a real star.”

“When Tom came to us we saw how keen he was but he lacked confidence. The 6 week traineeship offered by Learning Unlimited gave us both the chance to work together and build up the skills he would need. We were impressed with what we saw and offered him an apprenticeship. A few months in we are already reaping the rewards and can see Tom growing into a talented engineer. Without the traineeship I don’t think he would have progressed as quickly.”

Tom, age 18 from Derby told us: “I knew I wanted to work in engineering when I was at school but I didn’t have any work experience. The traineeship gave me the chance to find out exactly what it was like to have an engineering job as well as build my confidence. Working with Aerodyn is a brilliant opportunity to get the skills I need for my future career. If I had chosen to work for some of the bigger employers I think I would have had to specialise and work in a certain department but here I get to do it all which is really exciting.”

Paul Champion , Operations Director at Learning Unlimited said: “Small businesses often have the problem of finding a way to grow sustainably. One of the barriers to growth is filling the skills gap in an affordable and effective way. Traineeships and apprenticeships can be the solution. With funding and tax incentives, proven increased productivity and the opportunity to shape the workforce in the way that is specific to your needs – apprenticeships make good business sense.”

The Centre for Economics and Business Research have identified that productivity improves by as much as £214 per week where an apprentice is employed. Other research has shown that 96% of businesses which have taken on an apprentice believe that their company has benefited.

As an apprenticeship provider, Learning Unlimited works with businesses to design and deliver a solution that is relevant to the needs of the business sectors in the region. They offer over 40 frameworks in areas as diverse as Electrical Engineering to Pharmacy Services.